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Membership to FDPF is available to anyone whose primary mission to support and promote equalizing opportunities for persons with disabilities through advocacy programs and through promotion of an inclusive, barrier free society.

[Persons with a Disability are eligible for the following]

Benefits of Membership?

  1. The opportunity to engage in a community of persons with a disability, facing similar challenges of accessibility and basic human rights
  2. Share in the passion of making a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities

Membership Types

General (PWD)                           $5 Yearly or $20 Lifetime
Associate (Able Body)              $5 Yearly or $20 Lifetime
Affiliate / Branch                        $50 Yearly
Corporate / Group                     $250 Yearly

  1. Sharing knowledge: between donors, partners & members
  2. Exchanging information between members either by sharing work (such as a policy) or by putting people in touch with other members
  3. A range of Support Letters for:
    • Bus Fare Concession
    • Food Voucher
    • Requesting assistance for housing support
    • Requesting assistance for Social Welfare and family support
    • Requesting assistance for medical support
    • Requesting assistance for small-business or microfinance support
    • Requesting assistance for education support
    • Requesting assistance for seeking available land
    • Requesting assistance for referral special school support
    • Requesting assistance for assistive devices
    • Requesting assistance for legal support
  4. Involvement in awareness or advocacy projects through head office or FDPF Branches
  5. Attend conferences, workshops, training etc on behalf of FDPF

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